Blogging from Kenya

The world is made much smaller as a result of the internet. I am writing this from a conference centre in Lumuru about 35 miles NW of Nairobi in Kenya.

My plan is to blog regularly to help people keep up to date with what is happening and what I am learning. You will be able to follow me on facebook where I plan to upload photos as I go along.

I arrived here on Sunday evening after an early start with my grown up children taking me to the airport at 4am. It’s already been great to strike up conversations with people. There about 50 people here from over 33 countries. It’s a privilege to be here and hear about what God is doing through Scripture Union around the world.

So much of what happens around the SU family is volunteer led. This is already a passion of mine – and is central to who we are. In England & Wales we have been working through a restructuring process and this will require us to think more deeply about how we allow volunteers to shape the direction of the movement. One of the challenges of being a large organisation is that its easy to let staff decide and pass on to volunteers. Instead we need to serve volunteers and look at ways in which we allow them to shape future directions. I hope to learn more from others who are less well resourced than we are now to do this even more effectively.

I spoke to a guy from SU Fiji this morning. They have a population of about 796,000 living on over 200 islands. Imagine working in this environment with 3 staff. Wanting to work in as many schools as possible with lunchtime groups. Yet many folk are willing to run groups as volunteers. Travel is a major issue and takes a lot of time. Many islands have small primary schools so lots of people are needed. But God is at work and despite the challenges they are experiencing growth.

Brackenhurst is very green and having had 6 weeks of snow and cold it feels strange to be walking on the grass and seeing the trees and flowers in bloom.

I wonder what God has in store for me during these two weeks. Time will tell.


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