Lessons from Elephants and bartering for evangelism and discipleship.

Sunday was a day off – although I can’t remember the last day my day off involved getting up at 5.15am! We started at Nairobi game park – a strange juxtaposition with the skyline of Nairobi always visible wherever we were in the 120square miles of park. It felt rather like genuine Africa with Giraffe, Antelopes, Rhino and even a lion (apparently that is unusual).

 We then visited the elephant orphanage and heard about the commitment required to care for these elephants and releasing them back into the wild. The workers actually sleep in with the elephants to make sure that they get all they need 24/7. That includes feeding and warmth. I was amazed and challenged by that as I wonder if we demonstrate the same commitment to growing disciples.

 Lunch was followed by a visit to the giraffe sanctuary and then an hour at a local market. This was where I discovered how bad I am at bartering. It was intense! Taken by the hand shown what was for sale, outrageous suggestions made for the cost. Yet again I found myself wondering if in a small way the way that I seek to tell others about the good news feels like the sellers in the market. I was left dissatisfied and pressurised.

 On the journey we began to get a glimpse of the Africa that I had expected to hear. It was a great day and did at last feel as if I had seen some of the Africa that I expected.


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