Come follow me – March 11

Reading: Matthew 4: Highlighted reading Matthew 4:18-25

Jesus is tempted by the devil and is able to resist: this is the ideal preparation for the start to ministry. Trusting in God rather than his own ability; obedience at the heart.

We often imagine that it is the times of blessing in life that give us strength, but again and again it is the times when life is difficult and we are tempted not to trust God that are the times of growth in our lives.

How have the times of difficulty and temptation helped you to grow in your faith? Share some stories with others

Jesus calls the first disciples to follow him to join him as he starts his ministry. Think about God’s call on your life, the first time that you responded to his call and what it means for you to follow him today. As you do pray for the people who you will meet today, that you would be able to fulfill your calling to minister Jesus to them.


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