who wants persecution? – march 22

Reading: Matthew 10:16-42, Highlighted Reading: 10:16-25

For many who follow Jesus around the world these words are a daily reality. In many ways the freedom to speak out without fear is the unusual rather than the normal life for Christians.

But I wonder if that world is changing? What I have seen of the faith of others where the Christian faith is in a minority challenges me about how comfortable I can allow myself to be become. Maybe the persecuted church has something to teach us about what it means to truly follow Jesus. After all isn’t that what Jesus promised here? Persecution?


1 Response to “who wants persecution? – march 22”

  1. March 22, 2011 at 12:27 pm

    This rings so true for our Iranian friend, ‘J’, who has a second appeal hearing to stay in the UK this week. He has been disowned by his Muslim parents and attempts have been made on his life in Iran. Now in the UK, he is being severely ‘persecuted’ by local residents where he has been placed and yet he still stands firm in his faith. Please pray for him.

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