love and obedience – april 19

Reading Matthew 26 36-56

I can’t read this passage without remembering it being brough vividly to life at an out door mystery play in the Museum Gadrens in York. I remember the tension, the fear as the mov got nearer – the noise level and the torches. I remember the actor playing the devil laughing as Jesus is taken away. I remember the dignity of Jesus as he obeyed his father in allowing himself to be taken

It stopped being a nice story – instead it was nasty and violent and unpleasant. But it was real! Jesus knows failure, betrayal and desertion from those he loves. In that moment he must felt so alone and afraid. Yet he faced it because he knew that was what obedience meant.

So nothing I can do can stop him loving me – no failure betrayal or desertion is too great – what an amazing truth


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