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what will you be remembered for? – april 15

Reading Matthew 26 1-13

The pace in our readings slows down as we approach Easter week. Here we have the women pouring perfume – possibly meant for her own death – on Jesus’ head to anoint him for burial – a stark reminder of the importance of Jesus’ death for us all. But what struck me most as I read it was Jesus’ words about her being remembered. So I ask myself what will I do that will be remembered? What legacy will I leave? What will I be willing to sacrifice for the sake of Jesus?


sheep or goat? – april 14

Reading Matthew 25, Highlighted Passage: 25:31-46

Another uncomfortable parable. I have heard it preached on as if the message is that we should care for other Christians but feel that is too narrow a perspective. In keeping with my challenge of reading scripture against myself (with thanks to Pauline Hoggarth), I find myself wondering if I fall in to the righteous category or not!

This is also an interesting story in the light of Rob Bell’s latest book – Love Wins – more on that after I have heard him speak next week in Liverpool. In the meantimne when will I be feeding the hungry, caring for the sick or visiting those in prison in the next month – now that is a challenge!


upsetting the status quo – april 6

Reading Matthew 21:1-22, Highlighted passage 21:1-17

Two of the best known stories in the Bible. Jesus arrives in apparent triumph on a colt in fulfillment of the prophecy and then he turns over the money changers tables in the temple.

Jesus always seems to be what we don’t expect. I wonder would I be in the crowd or in the temple? Both have something in common – their expectations of Jesus are way off the mark.

Is it any different today? What has our experience of church become like? How much is it a house of prayer?


the grace economy – april 5

Reading Matthew 20, Highlighted Passage: 20:1-16

Another confusing parable from Jesus! Everything within us cries ‘It’s not fair!’. But Jesus wants u sto know that the kingdom of God does not operate on human economics. It operates on God’s economics of grace. After all we don’t get what we deserve – we get what God chooses to give us. None of us can claim the credit or suggest we have earned God’s favour.

So let’s remember to treat everyone else the same regardless of their status or their failure.


judging success – march 23

Reading: Matthew 11, Highlighted reading Matthew 11:1-19

How do you decide if you are doing the right thing? This is one of the challenges of any Christian ministry where how we judge success is a difficult question. Jesus is really asked the same sort of question here. His answer is look at the impact of the ministry on others – look at the transformed lives!

It’s too easy to judge success by being busy. Instead we should be asking what is the impact on the lives of thsoe we meet – how are they being transformed in their discipleship by what they see in me?


march 10

Reading Matthew 3: Highlighted reading Matthew 3:1-12

John prepares the way for Jesus by calling people to repent. He points not to himself but to Jesus. He does this regardless of what people will think. Use this image to think about the story you have read.

What things will remind you of Jesus today? Look for them and record them here

In what ways will you point people to Jesus today? Tell the stories at the end of the day

Ask God to help you to look for opportunities to see him in the everyday of today.


Ash Wednesday – March 9

The King is coming

Reading: Matthew 1 & 2: Highlighted reading Matthew 1:18-25

Matthew wants his readers to know that this gospel is about God fulfilling his promises from long ago. At last the King is coming. But he comes not in a palace but to two ordinary people from an insignicant town. The story of the angels’ visit to Joseph is a reminder that God always seems to work through the insignificant. (Notice that there are 4 women in the geneaology and explore their history to see how God does this to show that this is the way of the kingdom). God placed his son into the care of a human family – who would care for him and love him as he grew into adulthood.

Think about your own family. Thank God for the care and love they showed you. Think also about the people who have been significant in nurturing your spiritual growth and thank God for them

Why not thank God for these people publicly by adding a comment to this post expressing your gratitude?

ACTION: send a note, a card, an e-mail or a text to them to express your thanks and let them know that their efforts were worthwhile.

QUESTIONS? What are you waiting for God to do for you? What in this reading encourages you to keep trusting God while you wait?

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