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God is back

A couple of economists have written a book – ‘God is back: How the global rise of faith is changing the world’. The brief description says
‘Since the Enlightenment, intellectuals have assumed that modernization would kill religion, and that religious America is an oddity. This title argues that religion and modernity can thrive together, and that the American way of religion is becoming the norm.’
The book also promoted a really interesting article about this issue in the Times on Saturday – summarising much of the content. You can find that here.

It seems that the Times is having a bit of interest in religion. They did a feature during Holy Week, a story about Gavin Peacock training for church ministry last week and a story about Michael Howard’s son Nick in April (From Tory Boy to God enforcer!)

So I wonder when will politics get around to doing God? Tomy Blair seems to regret not being more up front about faith in his role as Prime Minister.
Which leads me to think – what about me? Am I going to talk naturally about God when the opportunity arises?



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