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Computer problems meant that I have been unable to blog since my last post. Apologies especially if you were following my blog during LENT. Normal service will now be resumed and I have got a few things I want to rant about so be willing to respond!


the gospel for all! – march 30

Matthew 15.21-38, Highlighted Passage: 15:21-28

This is a strange passage and I have to confess to finding it a little difficult. But it is clear that one of the underlying messages that Matthew wants to make is that Jesus’ message of the kingdom is for all – not just the Jews. This Canaanite women represents the enemies of Israel and although at first Jesus seems to ignore her, in the end her daughter is healed.

So I need to remember the gospel is for everyone – not just the nice people – but even the people I consider to be my enemies – or even the enemies of God’s people. How will I demonstrate to them in my actions, that the gospel is for them?


Working together – march 25

Reading Matthew 12.22-50, Highlighted Passage: 12: 27-32

Unity! That elusive characteristic seemingly imposssible to achieve especially between Christians? Jesus seems to be suggesting here that if we are divided then we are less effective. The recent controversy over Rob Bell’s new book, ‘Love Wins’ highlights those divisions again. I don’t want to engage in that issue here – that’s for another time.

But our concern is surely for those who don’t know the good news of Jesus. Can we be united for their sake at least?


judging success – march 23

Reading: Matthew 11, Highlighted reading Matthew 11:1-19

How do you decide if you are doing the right thing? This is one of the challenges of any Christian ministry where how we judge success is a difficult question. Jesus is really asked the same sort of question here. His answer is look at the impact of the ministry on others – look at the transformed lives!

It’s too easy to judge success by being busy. Instead we should be asking what is the impact on the lives of thsoe we meet – how are they being transformed in their discipleship by what they see in me?


transformed? – March 19

Reading: Matthew 17:1-9

The transfiguration is one of those incidents that somehow defies understanding. Jesus is revealed here for who he really is – its almost as if his glory is somehow veiled by his humannessĀ (as a christmas carol says) and then revealed here.

For the disciples with Jesus this is a moment beyond their experience. They have a glimpse of the world beyond their own physical existence

Ask God to give you that sort of vision of himself this weekend.


who do you listen to? – march 16

Reading: Matthew 7, Highlighted reading Matthew 7:13-25

We rarely experience silence in our busy world. A whole range of voices compete for our attention. In this noisy world it is some times hard to know what is trur and what is false

Take some time today to be silent before God. What do you hear? What does he say to you?


How to be blessed – march 14

Reading: Matthew 5, Highlighted reading: Matthew 5:1-12

Philp Yancey comments that those of us who are well off financially and comfortable find these words disturbing. But the poor and marginalised find them a great comfort. Maybe this is because a life of comfort makes it harder to depend on God. What are the things in our lives that make us self dependent rather than trusting God?

What would the evidence of being blessed be according to these verses and how have you known that in your own life?